Boot 2024 – Dusseldorf Boat Show 2024

For the author of this text personally, this was the first Boot 24 as a visitor and guest with her own company. As a former employee of various shipyards, until now it was always full-time work for all 10 days. This year, although my company carries its own risks, it was still a pleasure to do everything necessary in a few days. We all evolve, so obviously the time has come for me perosnally as well. I was proudly walking around and promoted the newly created Sail Med Yachting brand  which at the same time had just “seen the light of day”. I wish myself and the new brand all the luck in the future!!!

IBI quote: “Despite difficult conditions, exhibitors were said to be pleased with this year’s event. The world’s largest boat and watersports show, boot Düsseldorf, has welcomed around 214,000 visitors during its nine-day run. This compares with nearly 237,000 visitors in 2023. Nevertheless, event organiser Messe Düsseldorf says exhibitors were more than pleased with the results of this year’s show, with most reporting good sales, positive discussions, and new international customer contacts.”


Boot – Dusseldorf Boat Show, as always, tries to exhibit products and services in all halls. This year, it was successfully done in all 14 halls. Halls 6 and 7, as usual, presented an impressive display of superyachts. San Lorenzo, Azimut, Sunseeker and other “big” players proudly exhibited their mega yachts and looked truly impressive and maximally luxurious.

It was interesting to note that Wally Brand, from the Feretti Group, moved into the hall 6 among the most luxurious products this year. Last year, Wally exhibited in hall 5 with motor boats up to 15 m. Wally exhibited the impressive new Wally 50, and showed that this shipyard  belongs among the most luxurious ones.

As far as hall 7 is concerned, there are usually shipyards that present demanded projects, in size and technology. Unfortunately some of them disappear over time, but well done for  anyone who succeeds to strive with demanding projects to the end.

When we already mentioned hall 5, I will also touch the base on the other exhibitors in hall 4. They mainly dominated with the design of the revolutionary Axopar, Pardo Yachts and others who embraced that specific design such as XO, Saxdor, and recently Nimbus, and others. They are characterized by an open-type design, but with higher cabin that, in addition to a spacious open space, also offers a certain interior comfort considering the size and purpose of the ship. The well-known Fjord and the new model of the Swan shipyard, which only recently appeared on the market  building and selling motorboats, also stood out. The offer in this sector is more than satisfactory. Every client who targets these models has a very good choice, but also the price.

In these halls, we could also meet boats with only electric drive, however, regardless of the trend of “sustainability” and ecology, which is extremely present in the nautical market, they still appeared “shyly” compared to last year. The direction that nautical industry  itself is more ecologically sustainable than some other industries has already started, so you could feel it in the presentation of the same. The atmosphere is dominated by decarbonization with new types of fuel that can be used on engines of new generations. We still have to be patient with their development, but we feel that we are on the right track.

Through Hall 1, I aimed to reach Hall 16 and further 13 and 14, because in those halls are my profession and the purpose of Sail Med Yachting.

As usual, Hall 1 excelled with exhibited strong names and shipyards such as Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria Yachts, Sealine, then the pioneer in the last 3 years of Delphia with motor electric drive and overall comfort, then Greenline with its Hybrid solutions, and other smaller exhibitors. Here are the traditional motor boats, which will always have their clientele, both with outboard and inboard engines.

Finally, through Hall 17, which is extremely perfect in Windsurfing and Padel offer, I reached Hall 16. In hall 16, the dominance of the Bavaria shipyard was obvious, with an impressive concentration of Jeanneau and Beneteau, which lately has been quite dedicated to the Performance Version and a clientele that is not exclusively based in the Charter direction. It was also very interesting to study others like Elan, Grand Soleil, J Boats, big luxury boats like Halberg Rassy, CNB, Wauquiez, Oyster and Conquest. The offer was really impressive, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I left someone out, such as Solaris.

Hall 15 shyly presented the catamaran department, but there were none. In hall 15 Hanse dominated with the offer of sailing yachts and lately Moody model. All the respect to the organizers and the sailing sector as much as they dedicate time and space. This is exactly what we need nowadays, when sailing is becoming a secondary activity next to the extreme courses of the Americas Cup and other extreme water sports. Let’s nurture tradition and classic sailing, because it has been irreplaceable for centuries and as such enters the future. Let’s enjoy these classic, exceptional monohulls that emphasize all the elegance of sailing and the speed that nature itself gives us. Is there a better and more ecological product?

Here and there we come across slightly heavier monohulls in the industry, with exceptional comfort, mainly for the purpose of charter, but that’s why we always have a choice of elegance and ease of sailing, such as J boats, Solaris and similar performance shipbuilders.

I must also mention the new Bavaria C46, which won the award in the Family Cruiser category. And she deserved it. I was in the team when it was created, and great care was taken to ensure that it had everything that was necessary and verified for that category. It is certain that she will have an exceptional success in Charter.

Hall 13 and Hall 14 usually offer the Charter service, for the whole world with the largest offer in the Mediterranean and Mediterranean countries. For every “yachting person”, boat owner, future boat owner, charter clients, new and already veterans, these two halls offer everything in one place for the berthing of the boat and its logistics.

Of course, we also used Hall 11 for the inevitable “marine clothes” shopping, and studied other technical, designer and luxury equipment. Finally, through Hall 9, where we studied the offer of working inflatables, we can say that we saw and adopted what Boot 2024 presented!

Until next year!

Sail Med Yachting

Author: Tihana Tadinac

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