Les Voiles de St Barth

This text is an overview of the popular Caribbean regatta”Les Voiles de St Barth”

As part of the Salona America Crew, author of this text Tihana Tadinac was competing in this race in 2015 together with bowman of Women’s Frapa Sailing Team , Ivona Dražić

Salona America Team
Salona America Team


Les Voiles de St Barth is not only sailing event or well organized regatta. Les Voiles de St Barth is beautiful experience not only for experinced sailors but even for each participant that comes to perform and to enjoy. Why? Because you have chance to experince beautiful nature of St Barthelomoy island, high sailing lifestyle of Gustavia port, beautiful exotic blue color of each wave, opportunity to sail against most famous boats in the world and to perform best you know. Ups….and to have great fun, in nightlife and under the beautiful Caribbean sun!

To be ready for racing in St Barth, boats for racing needs to be in perfect shape. From the eye of Salona 44 named Pretty Vegas it was clear what means racing equipped boat, in sails and in deck equipment. Salona 44, Pretty Vegas was made in year 2015. customized for racing in carbon details. Boat had set of racing sails with several options for front sails going up wind and going downwind. As per CSA measurment system, it was not easy to decide which combination to choose. But, with the result winning the 1st place, combination was obviously excellent choice. Thanks to excellent Ra….team that won the 1st place, Saiola Charters is proud owner of Pretty Vegas that provided such an excellent boat for our client Ra……team.

With participated number of 86 boats, organizer divided the fleet in groups. Of course, MAXI group was the most impressive with famous Comanche on the top of the fleet, if we will measure by size. But, sometimes the biggest isn’t the fastest. With rating, Rambler 88 was at the end in front of this famous 100 ft Comanche in MAXI section.

For Spinnaker Group, we can say Group 3 was the most exicted one. Salona 44 was the part of this group with other First and J Boats. While racing,  time, distance, speed and tactics were in focus entire race. Constant Ocean conditions provide everyday optimum sailing with different courses around the island itself, or around the famous rocks that island is surronded with. Thanks to ocean conditions and fast sailing, tired teams had even time during afternoons to have some rest and to have time for tomorrow’s preparations.

Organizer has even provided free day during the 7 days event, so on that , so called „Lay Day“ we had opportunity to visit the most beautiful beaches in the world, like Nikki Beach and to be part of organizer’s fun programme in valleyball competition. What a fun!

Tihana Tadinac