How did it all start !?

Tihana (further right) with sister Petra and Father Marko.

Being a child is wonderful. Discovering world around you from year to year as  you grow is one of the most interesting things one person can remember. This is exactly how the passion about sailing and the boats has arrisin. The best of it is when this feeling arrives by natural way, when your instinct leads you in direction of marinas. I consider myself very happy person because i was born in one of the nicest cities in the world, Split. Even The Roman Emperor Diocletian  built the Residency for himself at that time, very well known as Diocletian’s Palace, protected by UNESCO.  Split is on the  perfect location by the sea, protected by Brac and Solta Islands , islands that are only 11 nm away, situated in peacful Adriatic Sea, maybe one of the nicest well protected seas in the world.

Thanks to my parents and their passion about their work, Father as Captain of Merchant Ships and my mother as Nautical University graduated Engineer, i was raised in marine orientation manners. Spending weekends in Marina where my Father located boat of his dreams was normal way of living for us. At first I was driving roller scaters around Marina, then I was jumping all over boats, until I discovered that fantastic feeling of sailing. I remember very well when it was the first time I tried to drive the boat. I was 9 years old child. I remember that feeling like yesterday, keeping the course with the tiller , feeling every movment of the boat on the waves. Amazing!!! Of course , later on I was happy enough to go through all the sailing theory to combine magic of sails (pure physics) with natural forces and art of boat designs and their shapes. Thanks to my sailing clubs like YC Split and YC Frapa I had that privilege to live my sailing dream. That’s why I am very passionate about classical sailing. This feeling you can not achieve on extreme sailing, lately trends in sailing world. But classical way of sailing nobody can take from us. I say again, I was happy enough to go through sailing theory where crown of skills and knowledge is achieved with sailing discipline, match race. For the ones that don’t know, America’s Cup is sailing according to Match Race rules.

After that, I am ready for going around the world. Of course, with the good boat only!!!

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Tihana Tadinac