Code – X Team on Loro Piana Giraglia Race 2024

Genoa , June 16th 2024

Loro Piana Giraglia 2024


– Team CODE-X CROZ, representing the elite sailing community of Code7marine, shipyard in Rijeka Croatia for high performance composites, has achieved a remarkable finishing in the highly competitive Loro Piana Giraglia 2024 race. The skilled crew completed the 241-nautical mile offshore course from Saint-Tropez, rounding the Giraglia rock off northern Corsica and reaching the finish line in Genoa after 26 hours and 32 minutes.

Despite serious competition, Team CODE-X CROZ not only secured the 29th position in Line Honours but also achieved 1st place in the ORC2 class and an impressive 9th place in ORC corrected time overall. The team’s 30-footer fully carbon made sailing boat Code-X has faced the extrem challenge of gale-force winds and serious sea conditions as they approached Corsica. The remarkable result is a testament to the team’s excellent sailing skills and the Code-X sailing performance and excellant technical readiness level.

With 4T One Sails Mainsail, Jib and Code Zero boat was surfing giving more confidence with each nautical mile behind. As the wind gained stronger with more powerful waves, performances of the boat and sails left the feeling of safety and reliable systems on board. It was pleasure to achieve this speed and we feel greatful to accomplish it.

Wind force was up to 38 knots of NW winds with waves up to 2,5 m.


“Our crew performed exceptionally well in some of the toughest weather conditions imaginable,” said Sandi Misirača, the proud owner of  the project CODE-X CROZ. “It’s a remarkable achievement for a 30-footer to handle in the such demanding course with such trustworthiness. Our success is a direct reflection of our crew’s skill, our high-tech composites engineering, and our strong technical partnerships.”

The Loro Piana Giraglia is renowned for its challenging route and draws elite sailors from around the globe. Team CODE-X CROZ’s performance in this year’s race demonstrates their commitment to excellence and the incredible potential of their ultralight full carbon racer, which is a pinnacle of modern sailing & foiling technology.

Team CODE-X CROZ’s technical partners, including leaders in marine composites and engineering, played a crucial role in preparing the boat for  demanding conditions faced during the race. The team’s collaboration with these partners ensured that the boat sailed close to its full potential without major gear breakage, even in the extreme conditions encountered near Corsica. Maximum speed achieved was 21,6 Knots in downwind angle.

The crew’s performance was a testament to their relentless sailing experience and deep understanding of the complex interplay between wind, waves, and boat technology. Team was gathered only for this Giraglia 2024, croatian popular sailors from Split and Rijeka.

Code7marine team with Sandi Misirača as the leader of Code-X project and Code7marine high performance composites shipyard, then well known crotian sailor Goran Ivanković as the skipper. To the team was joined women sailors from Split, more precisely from Frapa Women’s Sailing team, Tihana Tadinac with her long and extungished experience and Anđela de Michelli Vitturi, young women sailor that has such a promissing future in front as extraordinary skilled sailor in olympic class FX. Support to the team as bowman  joined sailor Joško Galović  from Rijeka and Dimitri Ilijević as hardcore foil- windsurfer and sailor from Rijeka as well.




Tihana Tadinac

Code – X Sales Agent and Representative

M: +385 98 316 696